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Aden- Yemen

Empowering rural women is a key component of the activities pursued by Ghadaq. We recognizes that rural women are a fundamental pillar of rural development, and empowering them is essential for achieving sustainable development.
Rural women represent a significant proportion of the world’s population and play a vital role in rural communities. However, they often face numerous challenges and difficulties that hinder their empowerment and the realization of their full potential.
Ghadaq promote the rights of rural women and empower them through a range of activities and programs:

  1. Provide educational and training opportunities for rural women and enhancing their skills in various fields.
  2. Provide economic support to rural women to enable them to start their own businesses and develop small and medium-sized enterprises, thereby improving their income levels and living conditions.
  3. Promote the participation of rural women in decision-making processes, enhancing their leadership capabilities, and encouraging their involvement in collective work.

GHFD committed to creating an enabling environment where rural women can thrive and contribute to their communities’ development.

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