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apprenticeship program implemented by the Ghadaq for Development in partnership with the International Labor Organization in Hajjah Governorate focuses on training trainees in the field of veterinary and animal health care. This training aims to provide trainees with the necessary skills to practice this profession effectively.

The program includes theoretical and practical training in various veterinary fields, such as veterinary medicine, animal health and animal husbandry. Trainees learn how to diagnose and treat animal diseases, and they also learn about animal nutrition and how to manage and care for animals in a healthy way. They are also taught methods of raising animals and improving animal breeds to increase their productivity and quality.

Through this training, trainees are provided with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to meet challenges in the field of veterinary and animal health care. The program also helps in enhancing the individual’s capabilities and increasing job opportunities in this important professional field.

Training apprentices in the veterinary and animal health care profession is an important part of community development and public health promotion efforts. Good veterinary health care contributes to improving the health and well-being of animals, and protects society from the spread of diseases transmitted from animals to humans.

Through this programme, Ghadaq Development and the International Labor Organization seek to empower trainees and develop their capabilities in the field of veterinary and animal healthcare, thus improving public health and economic sustainability in Hajjah Governorate and the surrounding local communities.

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