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Aden- Yemen

Agriculture plays a crucial role in providing food and ensuring food security for communities. Soil is the primary resource for plant growth and is greatly affected by climate change, which can increase erosion factors and lead to the loss of organic content and chemical erosion of soil.

Yemen is one of the countries facing major challenges in the field of agriculture and agricultural development. Preserving and improving soil quality is vital to ensuring the sustainability of agriculture and achieving food security.

Ghadaq for Development has implemented many projects in the agricultural field, which are based on protecting and revitalizing precious soil resources through protecting soil from erosion, restoring degraded lands to become productive lands, and raising awareness about climate-smart agricultural practices.

Improving soil quality and addressing climate change requires joint efforts from governments, local communities, farmers, and local and international organizations. Protecting soil and maintaining its sustainability must be a national priority to ensure sustainable livelihoods and a secure future for all.

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