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“provision of emergency livelihoods assistance to the most vulnerable people throughproviding agricultural support in the Hays district of Hudaydah governorate”….

success story…/

Provision of emergency livelihoods assistant to the most vulnerable people through providing agricultural support project that implemented by Ghadaq for development in partnership with YHF aims to improve livelihoods and restore agricultural assets for 2,285 targeted beneficiaries in Hays district of Al-Hodeidah governorate. Agricultural support was provided to the beneficiaries, and they were trained in good agricultural practices. As a result, the agricultural crops started growing and thriving. The condition of the beneficiaries and their families gradually improved, as they were able to rely on their agricultural crops to meet their food needs, improve nutrition, and reduce malnutrition within the family.

The financial situation of the family improved significantly, as they were able to cover other expenses such as education and healthcare. Their ability to generate additional income increased through the sale of surplus crops. The local community also benefited positively from this intervention, as the farms flourished and provided additional employment opportunities for individuals in the area. Knowledge and agricultural skills were exchanged between the beneficiaries and other farmers in the region, leading to an overall improvement in agricultural performance within the community.
Furthermore, social connections and cooperation between families and farmers were strengthened, contributing to the building of a more sustainable and prosperous community. Through this intervention, Abdullah Awad Dunin and his family’s lives have been changed for the better, and a positive transformation has been achieved in the local community by improving livelihood opportunities and enhancing economic sustainability. The impact was not limited to the personal level but extended to the entire local community by improving food security and promoting the local economy.

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