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Provision of emergency livelihoods assistant to the most vulnerable people through providing agricultural support project that implemented by Ghadaq for development in partnership with YHF aims to improve livelihoods and restore agricultural assets for 2,285 targeted beneficiaries in Hays district of Al-Hodeidah governorate. A variety of agricultural inputs were distributed to the beneficiaries, and among these inputs was cereal seeds, which distributed to 500 beneficiaries with 20 kilograms quantity.

Ahmed Ibrahim, one of the project’s beneficiaries who was suffering from difficult economic conditions and a lack of resources, said that: “I received the cereal seeds inputs and the necessary training for successful cultivation and good practices. The seeds were planted during the agricultural season, and the quality was excellent, as it grew fully and also our livestock benefited from it as fodder.

These positive results reflect and confirm the importance of providing agricultural support to beneficiaries, which contributes to enhancing food security and improving the livelihoods of individuals.

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