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Aden- Yemen

In order to improve food security, livelihoods, and adaptability to climate change, Ghadaq for development is currently implementing Apprenticeship Program in Hajjah and Al-Mahwit governorates in Najrah and Al-Tawila districts. The program is being carried out in partnership with the International Labour Organization, by following its methodology. The objective is to provide youth with the necessary skills and knowledge for qualification and preparation for the labor market.
The program consists of several stages, starting with the training of craftsperson who transfer their expertise and skills to the apprentices. Then, the apprentices undergo training in various programs, beginning with the based classroom training that provides them with the basics and fundamental concepts in their chosen occupations.
Subsequently, technical training is provided, both theoretical and practical aspects of the following occuations:
Embroidery, cloth design and dress making
Beekeeping and honey production
Solar panels installation, repair, and maintenance
Mobil maintenance
Incense and perfume production
Veterinary and livestock care
Motorcycle maintenance
Confectioneries, cakes and bread making ,Handicrafts for crochet products and
Home appliances maintenance.
The objective of tbe program is to qualify youth and enable their integration into the labor market, ultimately achieving sustainable employment opportunities ,necessary support is provided to then to develop their skills and achieve professional success in their respective fields of specialization.

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