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Enhance households and community resilience through ProAct in Yemen
Project details

Full title of the project:

Provision of serveries for the distribution of emergency livelihoods inputs to the most vulnerable households in Sana'a governorate- Alhaimah Alkharijiah district


Target areas:

Sana'a governorate- Alhaimah Alkharijiah


European union


3\11\2019 to 30\2\2022


Project code:


Access to management of community natural resource and assets are improved ( community projects).

Key partners:

Food and Agriculture Organization -FAO

Beneficiaries reached:

Direct beneficiaries: 709 beneficiaries Indirect beneficiaries: 1,023

Activities implemented:

1. Establish seven Water User Associations (WUAs).

2. Provide WUAs with the required administrative training.

3. Support WUAs to identify beneficiaries according to the selection criteria already established by FAO and agreed with Governorate and district authorities.

4. Beneficiaries’ registration based on methodology provided by FAO and uploaded in FAO data information system (KOBO).

5. Prepare storage facilities for construction materials, and safety equipment at the working sites in Al-Haimah district of Sana’a governorate with enough space.

6. Receive the construction materials and safety equipment and store them to be delivered to the CFW labors and used during the project delivery in the sites.

7. Infrastructure work implementing through cash-for-work activities.

8.  Inform the beneficiaries of their monthly entitlements based on the attendance sheets and work completed and facilitate the payment process including the distribution of messages where applicable.

9.  Supervise- under the technical guidance of FAO in Yemen-infrastructure work implemented through cash-for-work activities:15 projects in 42 sites. (More details about the project activities in the attached table below)

10.  Follow up the Environmental and Social Safeguards Plan.


Strengthening society’s resilience, contributing to the fight against poverty and famine, securing water for society and contributing to the sustainable development goals which are the  as following :

  1. NO poverty
  2. Zero hunger
  3. Clean water and sanitation .