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PROJECT: “provision of emergency livelihoods assistance to the most vulnerable people throughproviding agricultural support in the Hays district of Hudaydah governorate”

Provision of emergency livelihoods assistant to the most vulnerable people through providing agricultural support project that implemented by Ghadaq for development in partnership with YHF aims to improve livelihoods and restore agricultural assets for 2,285 targeted beneficiaries in Hays district of Al-Hodeidah governorate. A variety of agricultural inputs were distributed to the beneficiaries, and among […]
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Cash for work programme

CFW is one of Ghadaq’s programs, which aims to create job opportunities for HHs to enhance their livelihoods, as they carry out rehabilitation works for their areas according to the needs and priorities such as construction of Wadi bank protection, construct harvesting tanks , rehabilitation of canals , construction of Protection water well , Protection […]
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