Field Coordinator

Terms of Reference:
Job Title: Field Coordinator
Number of Vacancy: 2
Location: Taiz “Al-Tazieh; Al-Shamayatayn
Duration: 5 months – full time
Closing date: 17\7\2021

Department: Field Coordinator
Project Location(s): Taiz “Al-Tazieh; Al-Shamayatayn
Education: University degree

​​​​​​​Field Coordinator’s Roles and Responsibilities:

1- Working, coordinating and communicating with the authorities, stakeholders and relevant authorities during all phases of the program
2- Develop periodic and interim plans to control the progress of program activities and field visits
3- Conducting a study evaluating of the market need priority of occupations according to the models dedicated for this.
4- Evaluation and selection of workplaces, craftsperson and service providers who are qualified to participate in the program in accordance with the relevant conditions and criteria.
5- Organizing and supervising the selection process for apprentices based on pre-determined criteria in consultation with all stakeholders and relevant authorities
6- Coordination and management of the procedures required to conduct the quarterly training courses for both craftsperson and apprentices.
7- Supervising the implementation of all program activities and monitoring, and assessing the level of implementation through weekly field visits to workplaces.
8- Follow up trainees’ acquisition of occupational skills using scorecards and existing records according to the competency approach.
9- Contribute to strengthening and improving the relationship between the craftsperson and the apprentices by supervising the implementation of the apprenticeship contract and ensuring the rights and duties of all apprenticeship parties while working to solve all problems that may occur in order to limited the apprentices drop out of the workplace.
10- Ensure full adherence to COVID-19 prevention measures during all phases of the program
11- Preparing, maintaining and archiving all program documents and forms, submitting periodic and final reports in each training activity.
12- Daily communication with the program management team
13- Participation in all meetings related to the program.
14- Carry out the tasks assigned to him by the management of the program or organization, as necessary

Required qualifications and experience:

​​​​​​​Educational level:

University degree “bachelor“

– Experience:

1. Practical experience in a field coordinator position of not less than three years.

2. Previous experience in the field of technical and occupational education in training and educations’field

3. Experience in occupational safety and health and work environment arrangement.

– Competence

1. Ability to organize training activities, meetings and workshops

2. Ability to deal with different segments of society

3. Good skill in managing and prioritizing

4. Good communication and connection skills.

5. Ability to follow up the field.

6. Ability to draft management reports and monitoring reports

7. Good knowledge in using computer programs, especially (Word, Excel, Power Point, Cobo)

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