Prevent the recruitment of children and youth sustainably reintegrate children formally associated with the conflict

#Ghadaq for Development concluded the #program to #support youth and children affected by the worst types of #employment, funded by the International Labor Organization, International Labour Organization which aims to enhance the resilience of youth groups and children affected by the worst types of employment by building the capabilities and skills of those targeted by training and qualifying them and providing them with professional knowledge and skills for a crafts_ person that enables them to enter the labor market , In both (Lahj governorate, Al-Houta , and Tuban districts – Aden governorate, Dar Saad , and Al-Mansoura districts).
The program targeted (200) male and female students to build their capabilities and qualify them in 4 professions (mobile maintenance – installation and maintenance of the solar energy system – embroidery , cloth design and dress making – beauty therapy ). The mentioned ones for providing them with the skills of training the apprentices in their workshops and transferring the skills and experiences to the apprentices
At the end of the program, (40) male and female students, who represent 20% of those targeted in the program, were granted an integrated bag of (tools kits) delivered to outstanding students in every profession in order to enable them to enter the labor market and assist them in obtaining an income through work in The professions / trades in which they were trained to improve their standard of living and help their families by starting their own projects or working for others ..
In addition to providing apprentices students with the skills required for the profession, they have been trained on a set of training programs (life skills – financial literacy – occupational safety – entrepreneurship) to equip them with the skills and capabilities that qualify them to enter the labor market.

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