Emergency agricultural livelihoods support to the most vulnerable households in Yemen

Ali Hujairah

Amran Governorate

Ali says : I have a large area of land suitable for growing wheat , but I can’t  grow the land because I do not have enough money to buy seeds to plant my land. With happiness he is standing between the wheat that is full of seeds and saying : agriculture depends on rain , so if it does not rain, we lose a lot. Before  I was planting simple part of  my land with  seeds, and we were getting  less amount of seeds that feed my family in certain period and then we buy wheat from the market at high prices twenty thousand riyals for a single bag of 50 kg. Ghadaq organization distributed us wheat seeds I planted my land and for the first time in years I get a large amount of seeds, I and my family were  so happy when we were harvest the wheat. I will keep some seeds for my family and buy some also I will keep some to plant my land in next time. What I got from wheat encouraged me to keep on planting and caring of my land. Thank you FAO and Ghadaq organization for helping and supporting us.   

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